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Check out the latest publication from founder Anders Hedin, Ph.D. Associate Prof.:

Individual Oriented Leadership

This informative book offers hands-on strategies for leaders and managers applicable to various industries.

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"Leaders enhance motivation and enthusiasm either by giving team members exciting tasks or by creating a stimulating culture. Take a moment and consider which one is easier to influence. Also, which of these do you believe generates long-term results?"

The Task

One team member can find a task rewarding, while that same task can seem tedious and pointless to another. In general, managers find it relatively easy to assign tasks and responsibilities based on skills and competencies amongst team members. However, often the variety of tasks and duties are limited to the type of department or function of the team. Furthermore, upper management often controls a department’s tasks and duties.

The Culture

As a manager and leader you always have an opportunity to improve the working environment and culture of your team. It may take time before the results are visible, but an improved team culture leads to motivated and confident employees even during challenging situations.

With this book, you are holding a leadership tool detailing eight leader behaviors that will give you a stimulating and dedicated business culture. It’s a way to develop sound leadership practices that promotes motivated employees and improved results.


We call this tool Individual Oriented Leadership, IOL.

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