Building Powerful Leaders

IOL Tool is a powerful, yet easy to use online development platform that allows you to assess leadership and team performance. Our products analyze and quantify the effect of an individual’s leadership, providing a unique strategy to help you achieve desired results, improve performance and work toward sustainable success.

What you can expect when you put IOL Tool to work:

An academically and scientifically proven leadership assessment
A measure of the impact of leadership on your business culture
A completely anonymous and easy to use assessment process
An intuitive and straightforward result report
A customized development plan based on assessment results
A quantifiable method for developing leadership
A tool that can track improvement and provide comparative analysis between departments

Take the first step toward building powerful leaders.


First, determine your organization leadership objectives.


Next, allow direct reports to anonymously evaluate their leader with IOL Tool, an easy and convenient assessment that will only take about ten minutes.

You will then receive immediate IOL Tool assessment results with comparative analysis and implementation plans with strategies for improvement areas and meet leadership objectives.

Keep in mind, consecutive assessments will provide quantitative results to measure improvement over time. We suggest the assessment be taken every 6-12 months.


IOL Tool leaders


IOL Tool provides businesses with accurate and vital insights into its leadership that will lower turnover, increase motivation, and improve performance.

This leadership assessment is valuable to human resources departments in onboarding, peer evaluations and promotion considerations.

Leadership development with IOL Tool will ultimately lead to sustainable long-term success for your organization.

Get a free look at our IOL Tool dashboard for hands-on resources that business leaders and professionals can apply in every day business.

Learning and Development Organizations

Learning and Development Organizations

IOL Tool conducts a comprehensive analysis of 8 competencies determining successful leadership that you can use to develop and lead your clients.

Based on the analysis, you will then have a report that accurately reflects the results of our analysis and how those results can be translated to leadership development.

Download a sample report and see how IOL Tool can guide you in making the changes that will make a difference for your clients.

Individualized assessments for each team member

Individual Leaders

If you are interested in understanding the impact and effect of your leadership, use IOL Tool for insights to strengths and areas for improvement.

IOL Tool can also provide strategies on how you can better motivate your team and improve effectiveness, efficiency and results.

The report you receive after taking the assessment will provide development strategies for becoming a better and more powerful leader.

Watch this video to find out how IOL Tool can help you become an effective leader, day after day, year after year.

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