• Academically and scientifically proven method for developing your leadership
  • Develop positive and productive relationships with your team
  • Proven assessment process; secure, anonymous, and easy to use
  • Intuitive and straightforward results
  • Self assessment of your leadership in 4-5 minutes
  • Simple and powerful tool straight to your smartphone
  • Find your leadership strengths
  • Apply for personal growth, recruiting, and development programs
  • 12 categories of essential leadership insights
  • Develop your leadership for free in 3-5 minutes
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly
  • Combine with our assessments to maximize development

A small investment with
game-changing returns.

Build powerful leadership with comprehensive assessment solutions from IOL Tool, an international provider of advanced, scientific evaluations.

With IOL Tool, you can assess your entire leadership team quickly and affordably, and put your company on a track to highest-performance.

Eight competencies impact lasting leadership effectiveness.

It’s not uncommon that a company doesn’t know if its leadership team is performing at its highest level—its zenith!

You can know—easily, affordably and using one of the most respected assessment tools in the world.

IOL Tool Assessment focuses on eight competencies. Our proven, scientific assessment helps you capitalize on strengths; and address the areas of improvement.

Eight competencies

With a completed IOL Tool Assessment, you’ll have:

Individualized assessments for each team member
An individualized assessment for each member of your team
A plan for building on each member’s strengths
A plan for building on each member’s strengths
Guidelines for each individual
Guidelines for each individual’s areas of improvement
Comprehensive view of your team dynamics
A comprehensive view of your team and its dynamics
IOL Tool consultant will assist you
An IOL Tool consultant to assist you in evaluating the data

All at a small expense compared to other leadership development tools.

Interested? Join the movement of over 120 companies that have started building powerful leadership with IOL Tool in the past year.

Join these and many other successful IOL Tool customers all over the world.


In leadership development, The IOL Tool is one of the best and most concrete tools I have seen. Easy to use while at the same time powerful. The IOL Tool could very well be the very definition of great leadership. I am impressed.

Paul Fein

Vice President of Learning & Development
Getinge Group

The services provided by IOL Tool were simple and immediate. The IOL Tool system provided us with a thorough evaluation of our team and the relationships and aspects that make up our team. We, as coaches, learned a lot about our leadership and how our team views us as leaders, which with the help of IOL Tool, allowed us to develop a strategic plan for the future.

Andrew DiBitetto

UNC Men's Golf Associate Head Coach

Top management decided in 2010 to systematically use IOL. The results for 2011 saw a powerful increase compared to 2010. With the help of the IOL Tool, top management and all leaders in our company receive an instrument which can effectively develop their leadership. The employees improve motivation both for the company and their individual tasks.

Christer de Flon, VD

Our organization used the IOL Tool Assessment for the first time last year. The IOL Team was very attentive to our leadership efforts. The assessment pointed out a number of ways to grow the young leaders of our organization. We will continue to gear our focus in this direction and look forward to working with IOL Tool in the future.

Kristen Maxwell

Human Resource Manager
Zenmonics Inc.

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